Support local downtown businesses who support ArtWalk Gardiner -- without them we'd be exhibiting on the streets!

Ameriprise - 345 Water St, Suite 2
Ampersand Academy of Dance & Performing Arts - 293 Water St
Art Dogs - 277 Water St
Blue Sky Bakery - 339 Water St ("Say hello" here)
Circling the Square - 275 Water St
Johnson Hall - 280 Water St ("Say hello" here)
Lisa’s Legit Burritos - 242 Water St
Maine Furniture - 283 Water St, Suite A (by appt) ("Say hello" here)
Monkitree - 263 Water St ("Say hello" here)
Sweet Love/Baxter Tea - 289 Water St
TL’s Wickedlicious - 343 Water St ("Say hello" here)

This list is growing!  If you are a local business who participates or would like to find out more about participating in the ArtWalk, please post here or email jamieribisi{at}

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